We hope to receive primarily e-invoices. Processing e-invoices is faster, more reliable and cheaper for both the sender and the recipient that processing paper invoices.

E-invoice address

Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)
E-invoice address: 003723042844
EDI: 003723042844

If you are not able to send e-invoices, please send the paper invoices to:
IGL-Technologies Oy (OpusCapita scanning service)
PL 25201

In order for the scanning service to target the invoice, the billing address must also be printed on the invoice itself, and not just on the envelope. No material other than invoices should be sent to this billing address, i.e. the postal address for information and marketing material, for example, will remain the same.

E-mail scanning address of IGL-Technologies Oy