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about cookies

We use cookies in order to know more about the behaviour of our visitors in our website and to provide a unique user experience. With cookies we want to fasten and make the website better to use and also to develop it to be more user-friendly. We do not use cookies to collect personal data or transferring it to third parties.

What cookies do we use and how?

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics in order to collect data of our visitors and how they use the website. We collect data to make sure that the website answers to visitors’ needs and to understand how we can make the website better.

Google Analytics collects data about what pages you visit, how long you stay in the website, from where you came to the website and which links you click.

Controlling cookies

You can accept, remove or deny using the cookies in your browser. Please note that denying cookies might restrict the functionality and user experience. Settings are different in browsers so please find more information from the browser you use.