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We specialize in digital transformation. Our service allows users to reserve a parking place, pay for short-term parking and control the charging station. Our company specializes in software design. We provide quality service based on experience and customer needs.

We are experts in parking management. We specialize in remote-controlled devices at application and system levels, for both consumer and industry customers. We also create mobile applications and various server solutions. 

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We are based in Tampere, Finland. The company was founded in 2009.


installed eTolppa charging stations

parking places


We have ten years of experience in electrifying parking lots. With our service, residential and corporate parking can be organized efficiently and automatically. Parking permits are easy to obtain and manage in our online service, tailored to serve our users in the best possible way.

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eTolppa is a new generation of remote-controlled heating poles and charging stations. eTolppa is a solution for warming up the car, slow and fast charging of the car, and measuring electricity consumption. The user starts the heating or charging easily in our mobile application. eTolppa heats up the car according to the outside temperature, saving up to 65% in electricity.

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